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2006 All-America City Award
National Civic League Announces Recipients of 2006 All-America City Award
2006 All-America City
2006 All-America City

28 Communities Complete Competition for Civic Aware

Anaheim, CA - The National Civic League crowned the 2006 winners of the coveted All-America Award - the nation's longest running and most prestigious civic recognition program.

The All-America City Award encourages and recognizes civic excellence, honoring communities in which citizens, government, business and nonprofit organizations demonstrate successful resolution of critical community issues. Since 1949, more than 4,000 communities have competed, and nearly 500 have earned the All-America City designation.

The winning communiteis for 2006 are:

    Pharr, Texas                                        Lincoln, California
    Longmont, Coloraddo                         Sarasota County, Florida
    Marietta, Georgia                                Kansas City, Missouri
    Columbus, Ohio                                  Maumee, Ohio
    Richland County, South Carolina        DeSoto, Texas

"All of these communities are winners. They serve as role models for the rest of the country," said Christopher T. Gates, president of the National Civic League. "They are tackling a variety of community challenges in a collaborative way that involves citizens, businesses, local government, and nonprofit organizations. That's what this awrd is all about - showing communities across America how to work together to overcome obstacles and achieve tangible results."

28 Finalists participated in a final round of the All-America City competition in Anaheim, California, June 9-11. Each delegation presented three innovative community programs to a nine-person jury. Their presentations addressed a wide range of social and community issues, including youth, education, proverty, affordable housing, race relations, and others.

George H. Gallup, one of the award's founders, described the program as "...a Nobel Prize for constructive citizenship." As such, communities that have won the All-America City Award have realized numerous benefits, including national recognition, enhanced community pride, and additional community partnerships. Many All-America City Award winners also have realized significant economic impacts, including new grants, improved bond ratings, increased tourism, and private investment.

The National Civic League (NCL) is one of the leading proponents of citizen democracy in the United States. Theodore Roosevelt and other government reformers founded it in 1894. NCL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan oranization dedicated to building community and promoting political reform at the local level. NCL accomplishes its mission through facilitating community processes and conducting and publishing research on political reform and community building. Through its All-America City Award program, NCL recognizes community engagement efforts across the nation, while encouraging other communities to follow the examples of All-America Cities.